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Sources for Lordsburg-La Verne History


La Verne, the Story of the People Who Made a Difference (1989), by Evelyn Hollinger, is no longer in print, but copies of this work, plus several of those below, may be seen at the La Verne Library and Wilson Library, University of La Verne.  

"The Index to La Verne, the Story of the People Who Made a Difference" (2005), was produced by Galen Beery and Ernestine Hoff Emrick of the Historical Society.  Designed to insert inside the back cover of the book, 20 pp.  Available for $3 each postpaid from the Historical Society.

The Gem of Lordsburg (1987), by Dr. Marlin L. Heckman, tells the story of the Lordsburg Hotel, built in 1887 by the founder of Lordsburg, California.  It never had a paying guest but became the first home of Lordsburg College (now the University of La Verne).  Available $5 each postpaid from the Historical Society.

Lordsburg and La Verne in Southern California (1999), by Dr. Marlin L. Heckman, is a compilation of vintage postcards which give a historical perspective to the city of La Verne.  Available through Amazon.com.

The Brethren of La Verne, A History of the Church of the Brethren of La Verne, California 1890-2008, (2008, 432 pp), by Galen Beery and Evelyn Hollinger, has numerous details about Lordsburg/La Verne.  Available for $45, postpaid, from  the Church of the Brethren, 2425 E St., La Verne, CA 91750.   Amazon price is $68.

The University of La Verne: A pictorial history of the University of La Verne and its predecessors(La Verne College, Palmera College and Lordsburg College, by Dr. Marlin L. Heckman.  Available thru Amazon.com.

The Doors of La Verne, by Dr. Marlin L. Heckman.  A sidewalk perspective of some of La Verne’s front doors.  Available thru Blurb.com.

Our Town, La Verne California 91750
, by Dr. Marlin L. Heckman, presents La Verne as from on foot.  Available thru Blurb.com

Publications and Resources

La Verne (2020), a part of Arcadia Publishing's Images of America series has recently been completed by Bill Lemon and the La Verne Historical Society. Click on this link and scroll down to the photo of the book on the Welcome page to order your copy.